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Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my digital space! A proud native of Buffalo, New York, I embarked on a journey that led me through the vibrant streets of New York City for about 15 years before settling down in Maryland with my husband and son. My professional path has woven through various fields, including stints in professional sports, live online video, fitness, mobile phones, and my current venture into the dynamic realm of healthcare.

Beyond my career pursuits, I find joy in exploring my hobbies. I'm an avid traveler, capturing the beauty of landscapes through my lens. My weather obsession often leads me to engage in meteorological discussions, and I revel in combining these passions whenever possible. Additionally, I have a deep-seated passion for process and technology, which I'm thrilled to share in this digital space. Join me as we navigate the intersection of my diverse career, technological enthusiasm, and the simple joys that fuel my life.


My Story

From my early days, I've been on a perpetual quest for new experiences, diving headfirst into various activities that keep me on my toes. Nostalgia is my compass, constantly nudging me to draw on past adventures to carve out my path forward. High school drama club and choir were my stomping grounds, where belting out tunes and taking center stage fueled my love for performing and honed my knack for public speaking.

My retail hustle began at Anderson's, a cozy ice cream spot in my hometown, Buffalo, New York followed by a stint at New York and Company.

These gigs weren't just jobs; they set the bar for what I expect from customer experiences. Transitioning from retail, I traded in my cheerleading pom-poms for a coaching hat, navigating the spirited world of ten-year-olds and gaining insights into the ins and outs of sports environments.

Fueling my wanderlust, I spent hockey seasons on the road for over 30 months, and a wild 90-day adventure in India became a pivotal chapter where I rebuilt and reestablished a team. Shoutout to my amazing family of five tenured teachers who nudged me toward earning my Executive MBA.

Whether in the corridors of large organizations or the buzzing energy of startups, I've found my groove. Each opportunity isn't just a job—it's a canvas where I blend the hues of my past experiences to craft a future full of success. So, buckle up and join me on this dynamic ride, where my perpetual restlessness becomes the driving force behind every achievement.



Knowledge & Expertise

A Focus on Customer Experience

On my personal journey, I've discovered a profound passion for collaborating with clients and partners, channeling my energy into refining operational execution to foster business growth.

In any organization, the role of Customer Experience is more than a mere department—it's a guiding philosophy. Keeping the customer at the forefront of major decisions, spanning products and services, is paramount. I firmly believe that customers are not just patrons; they're advocates, willing to invest more for an enhanced experience. Happy customers aren't just fleeting transactions; they're the bedrock of loyalty.

My track record speaks volumes about cultivating a culture steeped in customer empathy across several organizations. My expertise spans both hardware and SaaS, where I've successfully implemented and scaled innovative processes, breathing new life into product experiences, strategies, and delivery mechanisms.

Recognizing patterns and influencing product designs based on customer insights is where I shine. I possess a unique ability to spearhead Customer Experience Programs grounded in agile business practices. Through cross-functional collaboration and a "build-measure-learn" approach, I've consistently driven impactful initiatives, leaving an indelible mark on product experiences and overall customer satisfaction. Join me on this journey where operational excellence meets a genuine dedication to enhancing the customer journey.

Creating and Maintaining Community Omni-Channel Management

In my journey through the realm of customer service, my focus has predominantly been on operations—crafting and executing workflows that serve as the backbone for efficient and on-task teams.

One of my notable accomplishments has been the design and implementation of multiple Zendesk Brand instances catering to email, phone, chat, and social support. This involves not just the basics but delving into the intricacies of automation, triggers, SLA priorities, branded help centers, and workflows tailored for various points of contact.

My knack for navigating various products and software as an Administrator is reflected in the diverse array of tools I've handled. From GSuite Admin and Shoretel/Mitel to Twilio, StatusPage, and, I've been in the driver's seat, creating workflows that streamline processes. The list extends to Intercom, Help Scout, Kustomer, Zapier, Slack, Microsoft Office, Snap Engage, Olark, LivePerson, Shopify, Shipstation, Shippo, Acuity Scheduling, Atlassian/JIRA/Confluence, GitHub, Clubhouse, Asana, Monday, and SalesForce.

Join me in this exploration of how my expertise in operations and administration spans a multitude of tools, weaving a thread of efficiency and effectiveness throughout my customer service career.

Online E-Commerce/Store Management

Delving into the realm of online store creation and management has been an absolute highlight for me. It's a space where I've passionately navigated through various facets, bringing multiple brands and countries into a harmonious digital existence through five simultaneous separate instances of Shopify.

This venture goes beyond the surface—it's about crafting a seamless experience. From generating notification workflows and designing captivating email marketing campaigns to implementing enticing promos and discount codes, my involvement spans the spectrum. I've also been the driving force behind internal reporting, creating product SKU's, assembling product bundles, and meticulously generating UPCs for an array of products.

Extending my expertise into inventory management, I've carved out procedures that synchronize effortlessly with our partners. Picture this: simultaneous shipping coordination with multiple 3PL's, both domestic and international, while seamlessly managing returns and RMA processes both internally and externally with our trusted 3PL partners.

Navigating the intricate world of e-commerce, I've fostered relationships and honed my skills in reseller and third-party vendor management operations. My journey includes collaborative endeavors with industry giants like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H, and I've seamlessly integrated with large organizations such as Ingram Micro. Join me as we explore the intricacies of my online store ventures, where each project is not just a transaction but a meticulous crafting of digital experiences.


Efficiency is at the core of my philosophy, and for me, automation is the secret weapon that makes it all happen. That's why in most of the workflows I've crafted, you'll find strategic integrations with Zapier seamlessly connecting to Slack, Google Drive, Shopify, SalesForce, Zendesk, Intercom, JIRA, and a host of other tools. Why burden the team with checking multiple places when the mundane tasks can effortlessly unfold?

Let me walk you through a few examples of how I've brought automation to life:

  • Swift reminders of customer interactions in Zendesk that demand attention? Automatically channeled to Slack.

  • Updates on open or new issues in Zendesk and Slack, triggered precisely by JIRA.

  • Imagine live feature request forms instantly populating a dedicated Slack group and Google Doc, all under the watchful eyes of the impacted product teams.

  • Streamlining onboarding appointments with Google Calendar invitations generated by Acuity Scheduler, seamlessly notified through Slack, and seamlessly integrated into Salesforce.

These are just glimpses into the exciting realm of operational productivity that automation unlocks. I have a plethora of examples up my sleeve, and I'm more than happy to share the details. Feel free to reach out, and let's dive into the world of seamless, automated efficiency together!

Community Management on Socials

In our pursuit of effective product launches, our team made a strategic move by establishing closed Facebook groups for moderation and real-time feedback. Fast forward to today, and these groups continue to play a pivotal role. Through this journey, I've amassed significant experience in not just curating and managing these groups but also in fostering engagement that goes beyond the limitations of traditional support tickets.

These Facebook groups have become dynamic spaces where users share insights, provide valuable feature requests, and actively participate in beta testing. It's more than just a feedback loop; it's a direct channel for authentic, real-time customer engagement. By curating these communities, I've witnessed firsthand the power of direct interaction in shaping user experiences and steering product development in the right direction. The closed Facebook groups have evolved into more than just spaces for discussion; they've become hubs for collaboration and co-creation, propelling our products forward in ways that traditional feedback channels simply can't replicate.

Project Management & Beta Group Administration

My most cherished projects revolve around engaging with customers who are genuinely passionate about our products and eager to share their opinions. My extensive experience in interviewing customers and delivering direct feedback to product teams spans various mediums, including video interviews, calls, chats, and the dynamic realm of beta groups.

Running beta groups is a thrilling aspect of my work. While some might see it as a meticulous process, I find immense joy in collecting data, gathering opinions, and presenting a comprehensive overview to others. There's a unique satisfaction in taking the authentic voice of the customer and wielding it as a catalyst for positive change in our products. The ability to influence and enhance a product based on this direct customer input is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding aspects of my professional journey. It's not just about collecting data; it's about transforming that data into actionable insights that propel our products towards excellence.


Past Experience

What I’ve Done

Vice President Operations, DrFirst

August 2020 - Present

DrFirst regularly creates unconventional solutions that solve care collaboration, medication management, price transparency and adherence challenges faced in healthcare. As VP of Operations, I am responsible for the Integration, Implementation, Support, NOC and Project Management teams, encompassing the entire cycle of the customer once a sale has been completed. Our customers are mainly Electronic Health Record Companies, doctors and their practices, working to provide their patients with the best care possible.

Vice President Customer Service, Sweet

January 2020 - August 2020

Sweet brings affordable phone service to everyone. As the VP of CS, my responsibilities include working closely with the COO and CTO to build and execute an automation first customer support strategy, that makes it easy for anyone to save money on phone service.

Head of Customer Experience, The DB Method

June 2019 - January 2020

The DB Method is the Dream Booty machine. Coupled with accessories like the Dream Band and Dream Weights, The DB Method was my first experience working in the fitness, consumer goods industry. I was able to bring all operations in house and switch 3PLs from Moulton Logistics to Ingram Micro in the span of 2 months, in addition to creating and launching a new customer support team and help center.

Head of Customer Experience, Vimeo

October 2017 - Present

In October of 2017, Vimeo acquired Livestream.

Vice President, Customer Experience, Livestream

December 2010 - October 2017

Starting out as a customer service agent in the technical support department, I moved my way through the Livestream organization in many capacities, ending as a VP.

Live Event Producer, NeuLion

October 2008 - December 2010

My time at NeuLion was mainly spent managing and creating digital workflow delivery of video for companies like the NHL, NFL and NBA to deliver their content to fans online both internationally and domestically.

Producer, New York Islanders (NHL)

August 2006 - October 2008

At the Islanders, I was shooting, editing and producing video on the fly for fans while the team was on the road. Pre-game, post game and everything in between including in-game entertainment videos, nothing was off limits. Eventually this lead to producing a television show aired on MSG+ called Islanders Illustrated.


Academic Experience

Learning and Living

Executive MBA Program - Pace University

September 2017 - May 2019

Pace University's Executive MBA is an experiential, project-based MBA degree intended for individuals with at least 5 years of managerial or professional experience. The program uses a combination of classroom and online learning and provides experience working with real companies. Students build skills in leadership, critical thinking, and communication, and gain understanding of the challenges of the current business environment.

Bachelors - SUNY Fredonia

August 2002 - May 2006

Major - Communications, TV & Digital Film
Minor- Film Studies, Psychology

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